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2019-01-27 Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio w/ Host Dennis Tubbergen

This week, on the Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio Program, host Dennis Tubbergen interviews world renown trend forecaster Gerald Celente, founder and publisher of “Trends Journal”. More information about Retirement Lifestyle Advocates can be found at More information about Gerald Celente can be found at Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts |…

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Economic Update 6-7-18

In today’s economic update, Dennis Tubbergen reveals.. what the retail apocalypse is and why you should pay attention some surprising, even shocking store closings why the internet is not completely to blame and what is what will happen to stocks and real estate as a result

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Economic Update 6-5-18

In today’s economic update, Dennis Tubbergen reveals: what we can learn about money from what is happening on the streets of Iran what Iran and the United States have in common actions you need to consider now while you still have time

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Economic Update 5-30-18

In today’s economic update blog, Dennis Tubbergen asks is the international monetary fund predicting a market crash? should you be worried about this latest report from the IMF? weren’t we warned about this?

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Economic Update 5-22-18

In today’s economic update, Dennis Tubbergen reveals: what the automobile market is telling us about the state of the economy the changing behavior of subprime auto borrowers what you should be doing as this consumer behavior evolves

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