Everything Financial Radio with Guest Expert Dr. Gary Shilling

August 26, 2012 – Guest Expert Dr. Gary Shilling

  • Interview with Dr. A. Gary Shilling. Dr. Shilling is the president of the A. Gary Shilling & Co., an investment advisory company. Dr. Shilling earned his master’s degree and doctorate in economics at Stanford University. He has served on the staffs of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Bank of America. Dr. Shilling is the author of numerous books and the INSIGHT Newsletter. Dr. Shilling discusses his opinion on deleveraging in the first segment.
  • Abusing the license to print money?
  • The Fins are tired of carrying the weak sisters
  • Continued interview with Dr. Shilling. Dr. Shilling discusses his opinion that the US economy will delve into a deep consumer driven recession, why the US is seeing a stock market rally, why there is an oncoming bear market, and whether the Eurozone will stay together.
  • Dr. Martenson has found a pattern
  • The average American is sensing danger
  • A European banking collapse before Christmas?

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