Everything Financial Radio with Guest Expert Dr. Robert McHugh

October 20, 2012 – Guest Expert Dr. Robert McHugh

  • Interview with Robert McHugh, Ph.D.  Dr. McHugh is President and Chief Executive Officer of Main Line Investors, Inc., and the proprietor of the Technical Indicator Index TM. He was the Chief Financial Officer for two of the largest commercial banking corporations in the America for two decades, and has a Doctoral Degree in Finance and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Dr. McHugh has testified before the U.S. Congress on Federal Reserve matters, and is the author of over a dozen published articles on investment related topics. He has appeared on CBS radio and been quoted in The Wall Street Journal. Dr. McHugh shares his opinion a fiscal cliff, QE3, and where the markets may be headed.
  • South Dakota beats Harvard
  • Continued interview with Dr. McHugh. In this segment, Dr. McHugh shares his opinion on using psychology to understand the markets, his thoughts on gold, and some ideas for those close to retirement.
  • Social Security’s “raise”
  • Funny how policy makers change the rules

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