Everything Financial Radio with Guest Expert Harry Dent

October 7, 2012 – Guest Expert Harry Dent

  • Interview with Harry Dent Jr. Mr. Dent is a bestselling author on economics and demographics, and the developer of The Dent Method which is an economic forecasting approach based on changes in demographic changes. Mr. Dent’s most recent book is The Great Crash Ahead. Mr. Dent shares the premise of his research, his opinion on the next ten years, and “you can’t fight the old people.”
  • The Fed is entering a very dangerous strategy
  • The Fed is delaying falling consumer price levels
  • Continued interview with Mr. Harry Dent. Mr. Dent shares his advice to those entering college or the work force, his opinion on entitlements and the federal deficit, “you cannot grow your way out of this,” and his thoughts on short term market performance, and the bond market.
  • What is a fiscal cliff and how may it affect you?
  • Durable goods sales drop – the tip of the iceberg


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