Guest Expert Stephen Macaskill with Host Dennis Tubbergen

On this week’s Everything Financial Radio Program,  Host Dennis Tubbergen speaks with guest expert Stephen Macaskill.   Mr. Macaskill is CEO of Amagi Metals, one of the nation’s first bullion dealers to accept bitcoin as payment for bullion purchases.  He is an unapologetic capitalist and is passionate about alternative currencies.  Mr. Tubbergen chats with Stephen about central bank policies, the future of the US Dollar, crypto-currencies and gold and silver.

Everything Financial Radio – February 9, 2014 Air Date

Segment One with Host Dennis Tubbergen and guest Stephen Macaskill


Segment Two with Host Dennis Tubbergen and guest Stephen Macaskill


Stephen Macaskill is the owner and creator of the bitcoin-friendly bullion retailer, Amagi Metals. The company is 4 years old and was the very first bullion dealer to accept Bitcoin. After graduating from the University of Rochester (Financial Economics), Stephen went into the Kauffman Entrepreneurial Year program where he developed essential business skills
that helped expand his business ventures.

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