Guest Expert Richard Vague with Host Dennis Tubbergen

On this week’s Everything Financial Radio Program,  Host Dennis Tubbergen speaks with guest expert with Mr. Richard Vague, author of The Next Economic Disaster: Why It’s Coming and How to Avoid It.  Mr. Vague discusses the economic collapse of the past decade, and points out that many other sharp downturns around the world were all preceded by a spike in privately held debt.   Everything Financial Radio – August 3, 2014 Air Date.

Everything Financial Radio with Host Dennis Tubbergen and guest Richard Vague

Richard Vague is currently one of the managing partners of Gabriel Investments and the Chairman of The Governor’s Woods Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic organization. He is also the author of The Next Economic Disaster, a book with a new approach for predicting and preventing financial crises. Previously, he was co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Energy Plus, an electricity and natural gas supply company operating in states throughout the U.S. that was sold to NRG Energy in 2011. Vague was also co-founder and CEO of two credit card companies – First USA, which grew to be the largest Visa issuer in the industry and which was sold to Bank One in 1997, and Juniper Financial, the fastest growing credit card issuer of the past decade, which was sold to Barclays PLC in 2004.

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