Guest Expert Professor Laurence Kotlikoff with Host Dennis Tubbergen – Part 2

Guest expert Professor Laurence Kotlikoff points out the potential inherent dangers of having too many assets in a brokerage account due to recent legal actions by SIPC, or the Securities Investor Protection Corporation. You won’t want to miss this provocative and extremely informational interview with Professor Kotlikoff.

Laurence J. Kotlikoff is a William Fairfield Warren Professor at Boston University, a Professor of Economics at Boston University, A Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, a Fellow of the Econometric Society, and President of Economic Security Planning, Inc., a company specializing in financial planning software.

Professor Kotlikoff is author or co-author of 14 books and hundreds of professional journal articles. His most recent books are Jimmy Stewart is Dead (John Wiley and Sons), Spend ‘Til the End, (co-authored with Scott Burns, Simon & Schuster), The Healthcare Fix (MIT Press), and The Coming Generational Storm (co-authored with Scott Burns, MIT Press).

Professor Kotlikoff publishes extensively in newspapers, and magazines on issues of financial reform, personal finance, taxes, Social Security, healthcare, deficits, generational accounting, pensions, saving, and insurance.

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