J. David Stein and Burton Malkiel join Host Dennis Tubbergen

On this week’s Everything Financial Radio  host, Dennis Tubbergen, talks with J. David Stein and Burton Malkiel.

J. David Stein is an author, a hots a very popular podcast. With over 20,000 listens per show, Money For the Rest of Us is his primary platform for teaching thousands of individuals about money, investing and the economy. The show has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, and U.S. News & World ReportTwitter: @jdstein 


Burton Malkiel is an American economist and writer, most famous for his classic finance book A Random Walk Down Wall Street (now in its 12th edition, 2015). He is a leading proponent of the efficient-market hypothesis, which contends that prices of publicly traded assets reflect all publicly available information, although he has also pointed out that some markets are evidently inefficient, exhibiting signs of non-random walk

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