2022-05-08 Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio w/ Karl Denninger

Congress has defrauded the American public by claiming we could issue this credit that is created from deficit spending by the United States Federal Government and sequesters it overseas. Our guest this week on the Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio program, Karl Denninger, talks with your host Dennis Tubbergen about how the Biden administration has overplayed its hand by confiscating Russia’s dollar assets. Similar policies may have worked in places like Iraq, Iran, and other small nations, but in Russia, we’ve taken the largest industrial producer of things like potash, fertilizers, rare earths, and copper and destroyed all links to sales in US dollars. It’s a fascinating conversation you do not want to miss.

Mr. Karl Denninger is an American technology businessman, finance blogger, author, and political activist, sometimes referred to as a founding member of the Tea Party movement. Mr. Denninger is the author of the book Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World.

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