2022-02-20 Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio w/ Karl Denninger

Let’s say your car is nearly out of gas. You pull in the gas station. There’s no price on the pump. You put the nozzle in, and you put the gas in the car, and then after you put the gas in the car, the attendant asks who your car insurance company is. Are you State Farm, Progressive, Geico, Allstate, whatever? And after you tell them that, then they tell you how much the gas costs. That’s how our healthcare system works and today’s guest on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio, Mr. Karl Denninger discusses with your host Dennis Tubbergen a plan to fix it and deal with the inflationary economy.

Mr. Karl Denninger is an American technology businessman, finance blogger, author, and political activist, sometimes referred to as a founding member of the Tea Party movement. Mr. Denninger is the author of the book Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World.

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