2022-10-16 Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio w/ Murray Gunn

“There’s nothing in our pattern recognition analysis that tells us that there’s an end to this downtrend anytime soon. Another 20 percent drop in the market indices over the next couple of months would not be surprising”. A near-term forecast from our guest this week, socionomics expert Mr. Murray Gunn. Join your host Dennis Tubbergen on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio where he and Gunn discuss the events on the UK central bank’s bail-out of the bond market and the implications for the US markets.

Murray Gunn is Head of Global Research at Elliott Wave International. He worked as a fund manager in global bonds, currencies and stocks, including long posts at Standard Life Investments and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. He then joined HSBC Bank as Head of Technical Analysis. Murray is the author of Trading Regime Analysis (Wiley, 2009) and a contributor to Socionomic Studies of Society and Culture (Socionomics Institute Press, 2017). In April 2018, Murray took over the helm of The European Short-Term Update. You can also read his commentary in Global Market Perspective, Interest Rates Pro Services and Currency Pro Services, and on deflation.com.

To learn more about Murray Gunn’s work as Head of Global Research at Elliott Wave International, please visit elliottwave.com. You can also get free access to the classic book “Elliott Wave Principle – Key to Market Behavior” at https://www.elliottwave.com/wave/retirementlifestyleadvocates

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