2023-10-08 Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio w/ Michael Pento

Two years ago, the 10-year US Treasury note was yielding .50 percent. Now it’s 4.8 percent. That debt is rolling over, and the money that it costs to service that debt is skyrocketing. Soon, 35 percent of all tax revenue is going to pay just the interest on our national debt. Our guest this week, Michael Pento, outlines his projections for the coming recession and talks with your host, Dennis Tubbergen, about the effects on the bond market, equities, real estate, and more as Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio delivers another show you don’t want to miss.

Michael Pento is the President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies, with more than 27 years of investment experience. He was the portfolio creator and consultant to Delta/Claymore’s commodity portfolios that raised more than $3 billion, distributed through Claymore/Guggenheim’s sales network. He produces the weekly podcast “The Mid-Week Reality Check” and is the author of the book “The Coming Bond Market Collapse.”

For more information about our guest, Mr. Michael Pento, please visit http://pentoport.com. For more information about Retirement Lifestyle Advocates, please visit www.RetirementLifestyleAdvocates.com.

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